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We love and live 3D art every day

About Enrage Games Interactive

Enrage Games is a small studio from Germany since 2015.

We specialize in Unrealengine,Unity3D game and apps development, Web Services and Game Software creation, we create games for differents platforms like Window, Mac, Web, Android, IOS, Steam and Facebook.

In addition to creating our own games / apps, we also work or collaborate with other indies studios or on a couple of occasions with internationally known studios with which we have helped to create successful games.

Our favorite game genre is the ‘Shooter’, because that the most of the time we are working on something from this branch, be it for our own games or tools for other developers.

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Exnite our Big Projekt by Enrage Games Interactive

Our favorite game Exnite by Enrage Games

An explosive mix of speed and teamwork!

Exnite is a fast-paced, large-scale multiplayer first person shooter developed by Enrage Games interactive.

Choose between three fully customizable classes and engage in close quarters combat, each with their own ranking and achievements.

The game was developed with Unreal 4 Engine. Wikipedia



Download Pre-Alpha Build
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Exnite_Ingame_Airfield (3)
Exnite_Ingame_Airfield (3)
Exnite_Ingame_Airfield (4)
Exnite_Ingame_Airfield (4)
Trupp-exnite (2)
Trupp-exnite (2)

Enrage Games Developer Team

Kenny Marquardt Founder,CEO Enrage Games

Kenny Marquardt

Position CEO,Founder

Description „Founder of Enrage Games 2015 and active developer of Exnite“

Age 34

Links : Instagram

Izabella Marquardt Co Founder Enrage Games

Izabella Marquardt

Position Developer,Advertising

Description „Active in the field of marketing and development at Enrage Games“

Age 24

Links : Instagram

Maximilian Hamishk Co Founder Enrage Games

Maximilian Hamishk

Position Developer, 3D Artist

Description „With Enrage Games since 2016 in the field of programming and 3D modeling“

Age 28

Links : Instagram

Twitter @EnrageGames ExniteTeam


Our Partner by Enrage Games Interactive

Partner PatchKit EnrageGames

Distribute and monetize your games easily with PatchKit’s white-label end-to-end solution.

Partner UE4 EnrageGames

 The world’s most open and advanced real-time 3D creation tool


Partner Photon Enrages Games

The Ease-of-use of Unity's Networking with the Performance & Reliability of Photon Realtime

Partner Lovatto Studio Enrage Games

Lovatto Studio is a creative game development studio, provides complete Game templates, tools, editor extensions, UI systems, and Modular game parts.